Medium Business

Turnover Capital

This financial product answers to your business liquidity needs, such as inventories, raw material, unpaid costs, seasonal investments, working tools. Investments that help business to continue its activity and have a return in the short term

General terms:

Amounts from 2,000,001 to 14,000,000 LEK (100,000 EUR)
Loans up to  36 months
With seasonally structured payments
Collateral: 70% coverage of credit value.
Monthly interest ranging from 1.33% in LEK, 1.25% in EUR

Loan Calculator

Loan amount

2 000 001 ALL

Loan term

6 month
14 000 000 ALL
2 000 001 ALL
36 month
1 month

Monthly Installment

364 939 ALL

    ** Kalkulatori është jashtë funksioni për arsye                                problemesh teknike!
Per informacion të saktë ju lutem na kontaktoni në numrin 068 400 14 03 ose paraqituni në degën tuaj më të afërt.