International Campaign "Smart Credit"

Organized by the Microfinance Center (MFC) and implemented in Albania by NOA.

Here you will find the questionnaire on "Financial Health Check":

NOA adhered to the "Borrow Wisely" campaign on October 2018. This represents an important annual action of the international Microfinance sector, driven by the MFC. More than 25 financial institutions located in 17 European and Central Asian countries engagedin parallel to educate, raise awareness and improve their financial knowledge of their clients and their ability to manage healthy households.

The campaign aims to promote global customer protection standards by delivering important messages aimed to educating and raising awareness. Campaign themes focus on the effects of loans and their use in a safe and robust way, without hindering the family economy and without jeopardizing the business performance as a result of debt overload.

In 2017 NOA sh.a was the only microfinance institution that led this campaign in Albania, introducing a new form of customer education and awareness. The questionnaire titled "Financial Health Check" is one of the tools running for this campaign. It is a short test with 15 questions that helps clients understand their financial advantages or weaknesses. Through this questionnaire, our customers as well as every visitor to our site have the opportunity to understand if they effectively manage their revenue and expenses, if they are resistant to unexpected financial shocks, and whether they plan their future financially into the long-term perspective.

In the industry that we are part of, the future of the institution depends on our ability to lend responsibly, as well as from customer accountability to borrow carefully while avoiding overloading the financial debt. The customer counseling process helps all stakeholders involved in the process, the client, the institution as well as the industry as a whole, facilitating and increasing the efficiency of each of the chains of the financial transaction chain.

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