# NOA_Our_Home - For our staff, "next to you" is not just a slogan

In every service or product we offer, we place ourselves in the positions of every customer who seeks support in our financing. In these weeks full of challenges for the whole country, NOA teams are maximally committed to every aspect of our activity to be adapted to the situation we are going through together, as citizens and fellow nationals.

In addition to the rescheduling of the instalments for over 3,200 customers, whose activity has been affected by the restrictions of the economic activity, NOA branches have never closed their doors, so that any need for funding gets an answer in these challenging times.

With the objective to provide a possible financial relief to any entrepreneur, farmer, or family in the face of potential difficulties faced in this period, NOA launched the "Progressive Instalment" offer. A financial product that enables each client to receive a financing within a day, but with the distinct feature that the repayment calendar, follows a progressive evolution that increases gradually with the return to the normal activity.

On the other hand, in terms of our operational strategy, and to guarantee the same security for both, our staff and customers, all NOA branches in the country have been disinfected in a regular time cycle. Our staffs were equipped with the necessary tools in accordance to the pandemic regulations published by Albanian authorities, such as with one or more disposable masks and disposable gloves. Also the whole branch network is equipped with disinfectants that were used every day by both our customers and employees every time they enter in NOA premises. Customers are invited to visit the branch one by one, thus guaranteeing their safety and the staff of the institution. According to the public instructions in force, each branch carries regularly all the necessary notifications and sanitary advices in overcoming this challenge for every Albanian. Moreover, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, in each branch was finally equipped with infrared thermometers, so that sanitary safety reaches a maximum level.

For our staff, "next to you" is not just a slogan. For us, NOA is our home and we do our best to make you feel at home when you visit our branches.