To maintain a reliable and long-lasting business relationship with you, our clients and partners, it is important for us to hear your voice. In this way you help us not only to stay close and respond in time, but also to improve along with our financial services.

For any suggestion, request or concern you want to express, please feel free to fill out the complaint form located here or in any of our branches. You can then send it:

  1. In every branch of ours that is close to you. Our network of branches can be seen on top at the page.
  2. By e-mail to the address :
  3. To the postal address :

    Customer Complaints Unit General Directorate of NOA Sh.A.
    St. Tish Daia, Complex Haxhiu (Kika 2)
    Pallati 2, 1st floor, Tirana, Albania

You can also express your concern directly at 068 400 14 03. Your concern or suggestion is followed and treated with great professionalism by the specialized staff, in accordance with the applicable law.

Thank you for your feedback!